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Shirtland is an industry leader in environmental responsibility. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your clothes are cleaned and packaged in an environmentally responsible way. Here are some of the areas where we are focusing on environmental stewardship.


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Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning

We dry clean clothing in a state-of-the-art EcoGreen dry cleaning machine that uses EcoSolv® cleaning solution. We use the latest wet cleaning washers and dryers with moisture and agitation controls to professionally wet clean garments.
  • EcoSolv® is a Non- Toxic and 100% Biodegradable Cleaning Solvent.

  • We use low water levels and Phosphate-Free Biodegradable detergents for Wet Cleaning.

Shirtland Drycleaning Environmental Packaging


Although it’s necessary to protect your clothing from dust and wrinkling with plastic bags, the ones we use are 100% Biodegradable.
  • All paper-based packaging can be recycled.

  • We have an automated bagging machine that cuts the plastic to the size of the garment reducing waste and our use of packaging.

  • On a daily basis, we save 6 lbs of plastic or roughly 1500 lbs per year by the use of this machine.
Shirtland Drycleaning Recyclable Hangers


We re-use or recycle any hangers that are returned to us.
  • We provide convenient carrying cases that can be kept in your closet and brought back when full to return used hangers.

  • We currently re-use about 15lbs or 300 hangers per day which is roughly 4000lbs or 78,000 hangers per year.

  • There is the potential for us to re-use up to 1500 hangers per day if all our current customers returned hangers to us in good condition.
Shirtland Drycleaning Water and Energy Use

Water and Energy Use

At Shirtland, we go beyond eco-friendly cleaning and try to conserve resources by limiting our water and energy usage.
  • We have the latest Wet Cleaning technology that uses low water levels to clean clothing.

  • We use a heat exchanger that harnesses unused steam energy from our pressing equipment to heat our hot water.

  • We clean up to 1200 lbs of clothing per day or the equivalent of 100 loads of home laundry with little or no additional energy to heat the water.
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