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Shirtland uses a non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solution called EcoSolv® in combination with specialized detergents and conditioners. We also have the latest in pressing technology. These methods combine to give you the best possible cleaning and pressing.
  • EcoSolv® is odourless and leaves your clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh.

  • Our dry cleaning gets out tough stains and helps maintain the look and feel of your new garments.

  • Our low-heat, steam-finishing ensures that your garments will last longer and keep looking new.

Shirtland Drycleaning Wet Cleaning Washing Machine

Wet Cleaning

Using low water levels, low temperatures, and gentle agitation along with specially formulated detergents and conditioners, we are able to effectively clean clothing that is labeled as hand wash or even dry clean only.

  • This is the most environmentally friendly alternative to standard dry cleaning

  • When the garment or fibre is best suited to this method, we can use it to effectively remove stains that standard dry cleaning cannot.

Shirtland Drycleaning Platinum Shirt Service

Platinum Shirt Service

With a name like Shirtland, you have to have a great Shirt Service. We process up to 700 shirts a day and use the best detergents, cleaning technology and pressing equipment to do so.

  • We’re able to produce whiter whites and brighter colours while using lower water temperatures to prolong the life of your shirts.

  • All collars and cuffs are pre-treated before cleaning and all shirts are inspected and finished by hand. We replace any missing or broken buttons to ensure your shirts are returned ready-to-wear.

Shirtland Drycleaning Alterations and Tailoring Mannequin

Alterations and Tailoring

To add additional convenience to our customers, Shirtland offers full service alteration and tailoring. We have an on-site fitting room and full-time tailor so you can always try on your garments and be measured for alterations.

  • We provide the flexibility of doing anything from hemming your brand new pair of jeans that you need for the weekend to re-tailoring your favourite suit.

  • We do high quality alterations with similar turnaround times as our cleaning so you never have to wait long for your items.

Shirtland Drycleaning Bedding and Table Linens

Bedding and Table Linens

Whether cleaning your down-filled comforter or professionally laundering and pressing your table linens for holiday dinners we have the on-site facilities to clean the majority of your household items.

  • We provide you with prompt high-quality bedding and linen service.

  • We offer the convenience of also cleaning sleeping bags, cushion covers, small rugs, and a variety of other household items on-site with reasonable turnaround times.

Shirtland Drycleaning Uniform Services


We specialize in cleaning uniforms for both government and corporate customers. From cleaning to alterations, we offer a full range of garment care for uniforms.

  • Our equipment and staff are set up for high volume and high quality processing.

Please contact us directly for any questions related to uniform service or pricing.
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Additional Services

  • Drapery Service
  • Leather Cleaning